Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lake Crescent and the NW corner of the U.S.

Hey everyone! Finally have time to post and catch up on my trip (yes I was out and about too much to post and much of the time away from WiFi). I am back in Seattle and have to go home soon :( I am going to miss the Pacific NW--I have had a great time and love it out here. Here's some more photos for my ATL friends (PS: Sue--I am glad you are reliving your trip!!!).
After Lake Quinault, drove back north to the Hoh Rainforest for hiking in the forest (click on the link for info on temperate rainforests). Had lunch in the town of Forks on the way (famous for being the site of some of my favorite books: the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. Did not see anyone resembling vampires but perhaps a possible werewolf or two and the very retro diner in town)
After lots of hiking in the forest, decided that while I was here, might as well drive to Cape Flattery, which is the uppermost northwest corner of the continental U.S. Lots of driving but it was worth it for the view!!!! It was a beautiful day for being at the end of the country. Wow! More driving back south to Lake Crescent Lodge in the national park. Had a great dinner overlooking the lake
and spent the night at the lodge. Up early, early, early, to catch the ferry to Victoria, British Columbia. Stay tuned for views of Canada tomorrow :)


Becky said...

Your pictures are stunning. What a trip! Will have to hire Steve as my travel agent for our next trip. Miss you! Call when you get home.

Silver Thimble Talk said...

What a great trip...the photos are wonderful. We are having cooler weather here...wonderful...Can't wait to hear in person all the details of the trip! So no quilt shops???