Saturday, June 7, 2008

Frazzled and Fried

What is up with the weather? It was in the mid- to upper 90s today in the ATL. Excuse me but this is June and it is not supposed to be this hot yet. Al Gore was right--this is inconvenient.

I had my sewing group (Stitch n' sisters) today. On the way there this AM, I stopped by the vet to visit Gomez again. He is grumpy today--sick of being at the vet and sick of wearing a lampshade on his head and sick of being poked and prodded. You could tell just by the look in his eyes. Poor little guy. The vet is supposed to take the catheter out today and hopefully Gomez will be doing better tomorrow. I stayed about a hour again and fought back bursting into tears all the way to the quilt shop. It was so great seeing my quilting buddies and they all cheered me up, commiserated with me and generally made me feel a lot better. THANKS Y'ALL!! LOVE YA! I needed you today!!!! I worked a little on the OC Mystery quilt and left early 'cause I had somewhere between one and 20 million things to do this afternoon.


suepinio said...

Grethen! I am going to have time to read blogs now that school is out and you guys are doing such a great job...and your blogs are so interesting!! I hope Gomez comes home soon! I didn't get to talk to you much at "Sisters", but I want you to know that you are my hero!!
You are such a fabulous quilter and SO prolific!!!


Becky said...

Hi Gretch,
Hope that you are relaxing and having a fabulous time on vacation! Just Enjoy:)