Thursday, June 12, 2008


Am staying at the Lake Quinault Lodge for a couple of days. The lodge was built in 1926 and Franklin D. Roosevelt stayed here.

Look blue skies and warmer weather. First, an awesome breakfast of sweet potato pancakes and coffee and then a 5-mile hike in the Quinault area. Is is possible to have this many shades of green?
I wish I could express how amazing it is out here. Everything is so green and the air is so crisp and clear and I have no allergies--I can breathe for a change --hooray! Trees that are so tall and are hundreds of years old, make you feel very small.

For all my friends in the ATL who are sweltering, here are some cooling photos for you

So this is the forest, minus the banana slugs (I saw two! They are huge!!!!) and the skunk cabbage (yes it smells like a skunk).
This is the view from my blogging spot. I don't think I want to leave!!!!


Amanda said...

Now these are the sort of pictures that make me want to visit. And no allergies? Even better.

Carol said...

Love the pictures!! Very jealous. Have you stopped at any other quilt stores?

Becky said...

WOW, makes me want to hop on a plane and do some traveling. Your pictures are great!

Becky said...

This truly looks like a place to get away to. Love the look of the lodge. Your blogging view is sensational. Food sounds great too! Enjoy!

suepinio said...

Lucky you! You got to stay in the lodge! We stayed down the road in the tiny inn!!!!! Keep having fun!!