Monday, March 31, 2008

Strange things are afoot at the Circle-K

If anyone has seen the movie "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure", the title to this post is one of my favorite lines in the movie. Yes it is 1:30 AM but the cats and I are awake and wondering what is going on in the area around my house. There are about 10 police cars all around at every intersection and up and down the streets, officers on foot with flashlights, unmarked police cars and now a helicopter with search light. Hmmm must be something really bad. Hope this wraps up soon cause as soon as my laundry is done I'm going to bed. But now I don't want to go to bed until this is over. OK bad guy surrender cause I need to get some sleep!

On a quilty note: after thinking about it all day, I have decided to do my mystery quilt in purple, green, yellow, and black. A Mardi Gras quilt! Will dig through fabrics later in the week even though Bonnie already posted the first step. Ack! I'm already behind.

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Karin said...

Just another happening night in the Atl. According to the news this morning, the "perp" ha been caught. But when you assault a policeman, you are gonna get caught.
I downloaded step one of the mystery quilt and I started pulling some 2 inch strips. I'm going with tan, hunter green, a kind of dusty purple and brown. I hope I am doing this right!