Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday ramblings

It is a beautiful, warm, sunny Spring day in Atlanta but you won't find me outside because of the POLLEN! I am highly allergic to Atlanta in the Spring (and in the Fall) and it seems to get worse every year (why I still live here, I don't know). I even had allergy shots for about 18 months until I started having really bad allergic reactions to the allergy shots, which my allergy Dr. said was very rare, and had to stop with the shots. What can I say? Someone has to be rare and unique so it might as well be me. I am really not sure what I am supposed to do now to survive pollen season so I think I will stay inside as much as possible. I am determined to avoid yet another trip to the ER because of stupid allergies.

I went to my sewing group (Stitch n' Sisters) last night at the LQS and turned in the completed shop sample (but forgot to get a photo...). I usually attend the Saturday group but since I was in NC that Sat. I went to the 3rd Friday group. It was great to see fellow Sisters I don't get to see much. I worked on a UFO from last year and just have to finish the borders YEA!!! Since I am in "pollen exile" I may get the borders done this weekend. Karin is still cranking out the quilts and making us all look bad. Well off to enjoy the rest of this Saturday.


Teresa said...

Stella's quilt is very nice. I have learned to love browns since quilting as become so important to me. That is really a nice job you did. I am sorry you have so many problems with pollen. Can you wear one of those face masks when you go outside and that helps? Must just be awful when you can't even take the medicine.

Karin said...

Guess what Karin didn't do today...yup, no sewing for me. I, too am affected by the pollen-this is my tenth year here in Atlanta and I developed allergies to it about 5 years ago. At any rate, today was a bad one and I just could not get anything accomplished. So I read a book. I wish I knew that both you and Becky were at sisters last night. I would have come to visit. Laurie came today and set up my computer with Skype so I can talk to here when she is in Japan. She leaves April 5th for 3 months.