Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

OK so my name is nowhere near Irish, but here's what my Irish name would be (sounds like I could use it as my "stripper" name also).

Your Irish Name Is...
Jade Flynn


Becky said...

This is too much fun! Of course, I don't have a drop of Irish blood. French/Spanish/Cajun

Sinead Browne, my Irish name sounds like an outlaw.

How are things at your office? Was there any damage there? Any comments from downtown?

Melisa @ Sweet Home said...

Both sound better than "Fiona Kavanaugh"...that's me! And I DO have lots of Irish blood so what's up with that? I should have a really great Irish name, but instead I sound like the scullery maid!

Melisa @ Sweet Home

Karin said...

ixMy name is Ella Power....way strange for a Swed/Italian!