Monday, March 10, 2008

National Quilting Day and more photos

Is everyone getting ready for National Quilting Day this Saturday, March 15th? Don't forget to hug your favorite quilter! Pat Sloan, who is the busiest person on the planet--check out her blog post for today on her "typical" day if you don't believe me--is having an online quilting retreat all weekend. She designed some fabulous fun projects that are available on her website. I plan on working on a few projects on Saturday. I have a shop sample to work on for the LQS and really need to finish Morris Garden. We'll see what else I can get to in my one day off. Can you tell I want it to be the weekend already and it's only Monday????
As promised, here are more photos of my trip. See the snow! And a mountain stream. WIsh I was still there!

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