Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mandatory New Year's Resolutions

Is it mandatory for everyone to make New Year's resolutions? I think it is written somewhere that you must make at least one. I'll just discount the usual resolutions I make every year, they mostly just rollover year to year like cell phone minutes anyway--all those obnoxious no-fun resolutions like exercise more, eat better, lose weight, declutter the house, clean out closets, yada yada yada.

Then there is always the "big picture" kind of resolutions--ya know life changing kind of stuff. Well those don't have to be written down either because they just rattle around in my head all the time anyway. Usually at 2 in the morning (also called Insomnia Inducing Thoughts).

So maybe I'll stick to something easy like quilt resolutions:
  1. the always fashionable--finish UFOs. I do know how many actual planned quilts that I have or have some fabric for. I blame it on my friend Debbie who came up with the idea of index cards for UFOs. I thought "hey that's a great way to stay organized". So I have all my UFOs on purple index cards with name, pattern, date started, whether I need backing or not, etc. But it is a scary thing to see and realize that I need to live to be 278 years old to finish everything I want to do. I am going to try really hard to get some projects done and not start new ones, except for....
  2. ...make a Storm at Sea quilt. I love, love, love this pattern and want to make one in "stormy" colors--icy whites, blue grays, and bruised purply blues. I think in batiks which will be a step out of the box for me (I'm more of a Moda girl). I think I will try to cajole my friend Pat to design a pattern for me. I should do it myself in EQ since I have EQ6 and have yet to learn to use it (another roll-over resolution....). Also, this will require some color theory to get the right look--more stretching of the creative mind.
  3. work on the Dot Quilt that Becky and I did a trade for. 148 or whatever different dot fabrics and I have yet to make one block. Becky, we need to schedule some sewing days (or cutting days.)

Today was another day off spent being unproductive. I did get a memory card for the digital camera I received for Xmas so I will be a photo-taking fool soon and maybe this blog will be a bit more exciting. Coming soon...lots of photos. Stay tuned.

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