Thursday, December 27, 2007

It's the little things.... no more Christmas music. I didn't want to jingle all the way the first time I heard it and I definitely don't want to jingle anywhere the 2 millionth time I hear it. It's back to proper coffeehouse music at SBux (jazz, blues, Radiohead).

Another gratitude, rain. My Christmas wish for rain has come true (note to self: next time wish for winning lottery ticket doh!). It has been rainy and cloudy and gray, all of which is much needed here in GA.

Also, a big tin of mom's chex mix (the best on the planet and not your usual chex mix but the special secret recipe), which makes a wonderful dinner at midnight when I get home from work. Cereal, pretzels, and nuts all count as a meal right?

Also, my iPod. I love my iPod, especially at the Day Job when everyone else is on vacation and the phones don't ring and I can listen to podcasts and music all day. Hope I am not singing out loud.

Only 2 more days and I get a day off from both jobs. I am going through quilting withdrawals. I need to sew! However, my sewing table is a jumble of patterns, books, thread, rulers, fabric, jelly rolls, magazines, and who knows what else--I think my sewing machine is in there somewhere--so before I can sew, I have to excavate.

Maybe I'll be lucky and the cats will do something useful while I am gone and my sewing space will look like it usually does

This is highly unlikely though....

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