Wednesday, December 19, 2007

2008 challenge and meet the cats part one

Well I'm getting a head start on 2008 by starting this blog. My sewing group buddy Becky challenged us to start a blog for the new year. So here is mine (better get busy Becky!) I am enjoying my one evening off until after the new year (ah the life of a part-time retail worker during the holidays...)

Here's one is a series of introducing the cats. I am well on my way to becoming a crazy cat lady. I have five cats who have adopted me. Here are siblings Edgar Poe (left) and Stella (or Stella Bella), who were found roaming the streets a year and a half ago. I was going for a walk and they followed me. They were skinny and very small and were in the middle of the road. What was I supposed to do? I scooped them up, took them home, and now I can't imagine the house without them.

Here they are in May 2006. Awwww.

OK off to work on some hand applique while I have some free time. I am working on a wool BOM from Primitive Gatherings. Will post photos later.

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