Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Holidays

Sorry for the couple days without a post. WOW have I been busy busy busy. Here's what's been going on:

Saturday--a day off so hung out at home and watched the movie "Stardust" with S and E. Great movie. See it when you need a little mood lift. Sweet and funny and a great story similar to
"The Princess Bride." Based on the book by my favorite author Neil Gaiman.

Later on Saturday, I went with the SBux gang to see "Sweeney Todd." I don't even like musicals and I loved this movie. It's very grim and dark. It was fabulous. Can't wait to get the DVD and see it again.

Sunday--went by in a blur. Worked at SBux all day and we were busy. One of our regular customers gave us a $100 tip. Wow! Some people are so very nice and generous and probably will never know how much that extra money will help all the baristas. Came home exhausted and slept most of the rest of the day and went to bed early. I think I could sleep for a week straight....
Monday, Christmas Eve--Worked a very loooooong shift at SBux. We were crazy busy--seriously crazy busy. No breaks, nothing to eat, crazy crazy day.
Number of quad venti organic carmel macchiatos = THREE! (that's 12 shots of espresso and a fair amount of sugar--gotta keep going somehow)
Glad we closed early but still took forever to get the store cleaned up and closed. Got home late. Ate some soup at 9:30, watched part of "A Christmas Story" (I don't know if I've ever seen the whole movie even though it's on a zillion times each year....) So tired but couldn't sleep (imagine that!)
And here we are at Tuesday, Christmas-- drinking coffee, the cats have opened and played with their presents and are now asleep. I have a little while before I go to SBux for another loooooong shift. I hope things aren't quite as busy today and am soooooo glad we are closing at 6:00 pm. I'll call the family when I get home. Merry Christmas everyone!

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