Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Day After

Did everyone survive Christmas? I am barely moving today. We were crazy insane busy again at Starbucks. Doesn't anyone make coffee at home anymore????? I must say that I like working at SBux at Christmas because all the customers are in a good mood and they are so happy that we are open so they can get their caffeine fix but really we didn't have to be THAT busy...

I stayed home from the Day Job today and slept until 2:00 pm...yes that's 2:00 pm and I think I could still sleep for a week.

A very low key evening when I finally got home after 8:00 pm. Finally got something to eat and called the family. Everyone is doing well in Michigan and had a good day. That's about it for the fun and excitement.

Now I am drinking coffee and eating a peach fried pie sent by my grandma. Grandma's fried pies are in the pantheon of the best food on earth in my dad's side of the family along with chocolate pie. Seriously, the fried pies are parceled out, carefully hoarded, and newcomers are not encouraged to like them. The recipe is from my great-grandma and may be older than that. They are not easy to make which is probably part of thier appeal since they are only made a few times a year. But I got 2 precious pies sent to me along with some cookies and candy and I'm not sharing hehe!

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