Friday, July 8, 2011

Resistance is Futile

I caved.  I really did.  I tried but I couldn't resist. Not when Carol, Michelle, and Thelma and a gazillion other bloggers and non-bloggers (like Sarah No-Blog) have these little six-inch blocks everywhere.

It's like the plague.
A quilter's plague. 

Yes it's the Farmer's Wife Sample Quilt Along.

I have the book.

I printed out the templates from a wonderful quilter named Liz Arbaugh who put them on Scribd and they print out grouped on pages. 

I did some maths and measuring and penciling in the book and on the templates while watching movies.

I told myself "Self, you do not need to start another project."

I asked Karen at sewprimitive to help me resist starting this.
And I talked with Kristie, who reminded me I still have all the info to make a Dear Jane quilt.

 I made Block 1 Attic Windows
 And Block 2 Autumn Tints

And decided that I just can't resist a quilt along. 


Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

I caved, too! Book should be here Monday. It really is the quilter's plague. Your blocks look really nice!

Jayne said...

I bought this book when it first came out, and made about half a dozen blocks. They are addicting. I keep going back to it periodically. It's just a bit amazing that it's taken off so big on the blogs. And don't you think it's fun to see the blocks made in so many different styles of fabrics? I will probably get back to making some more FW blocks soon to join in on the craze, or as you call it - the plague!

dianne said...

snicker ... i have not caved - my cybernetic enhancements are malfunctioning

Carol said...

YIPPEE! You're going to LOVE them! When I don't have time to do something big I pull out one of those and it's the perfect sewing fix. I always have several prepped ready to go. Have FUN!

Michelle said...

Yay! You'll be glad you caved! :P Do you have any of the Marti Michell Templates? They work well with these blocks too.

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

If you hate templates like I hate templates, many of the blocks are in Around The Block Vol. 1 or 3.

caroline said...

I read a couple of other blogs that are doing this QAL. There seems to be some controversy about it recently. I've just been wondering why the heck the author changed the names of some classic blocks?