Monday, July 18, 2011

Glorious Weekend at Snowbird

 My favorite place to escape to is definitely Snowbird Mountain Lodge in the North Carolina mountains.

Here is why:  I love the historic inn (built 1940) with its cozy exterior and gorgeous chestnut paneled interior; all the rooms have beautiful views with big beds, lots of pillows, and layers of blankets; the fabulous, seasonal, locally sourced food--breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided;  the no TV/no kids/quiet/peaceful/contemplative-ness; the cookies and coffee in the lobby in the afternoons; the wonderful library of books for browsing; the grounds and nearby National Forest for hiking; and the views for just looking.
 I loved the overcast, cool weather after blazing hot summer weather in Atlanta.

 The Smokey Mountains are always hazy. 
 View from the lobby/library from a comfy leather couch..  We spent some time rocking in the chairs watching clouds go by too.

A funny spot to rest in the garden. 

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sewprimitive karen said...

I've never seen a kitty sleeping on a fence like that :-). Where do you like to go hike from there?