Thursday, July 14, 2011

In the Works

Lots of projects in the works.

Working with the soothing colors of Sherbet Pips offsets the horrible heat & humidity of this summer.

(Aside:  I made up a new word:  SMOGMIDITY-- a meteorological term meaning the combination of smog & high humidity in Atlanta that makes it feel like you are walking through dirty bath water).

I prepped some more Hocuspocusville blocks to stitch.

A new step for the Simple Times Quilt Along was posted today so I'll work on that too.

More FWQAL blocks to do.

I better get busy


*karendianne. said...

Smogmidity! I love it. Very wordy of you. :) & yeah, you better get busy. Just glad we're not doing any outside chores. sheesh.

Nancy said...

...and trying to inhale thick, warm gas (maybe carbon dioxide?). I like summer, but not high summer in ATL :o) I'm looking forward to fall. Love the colors of those fabrics.