Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Retro Blog Rewind: Inaugural Edition

Does anyone else come up with great blog posts in their mind then proceed to not blog about the events, then realize that too much time has past for the blog post to be timely, and then well, there it goes, missed blog opportunity? I hope so because I do this all the time.

So today's post is a Retro Blog Rewind Post! If I was clever and tech savvy, I would design a cute button for other bloggers to put on their blogs and start a whole trend.

Because I am not tech-savvy, I'll wait for someone else to co-opt my idea.

This inaugural Retro Blog Rewind Post is made under duress.

Seriously, if I don't post these photos, Sarah no-blog is going to come and get me. She is a physical therapist and they have ways of making you do painful things that you don't want to.

Not that blogging is painful; I'm just under pressure. So without further ado, here are photos taken by Sarah no-blog to go along with the previous post about the Party on the Porch at Sweet Home.

Here is Bad Melisa casting a spell on quilters in the surrounding five counties
("you shall come to Sweet Home and buy fabric, books, notions and patterns")
(see look what happened to Carol!!!)
And Cindi and Karin

Sarah no-blog is toting how many bolts???!!?? Don't you love her big bag? She is super sweet, a gifted quilter, and really needs to write her own blog.....

As reported previously, we started a new tradition this year with a post-Party on the Porch side trip to Bruster's Ice Cream
Say "Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Hot Fudge Sundae!!!!!"

The nice ice cream "dealers" at Bruster's took our photo
The End.

I really hope Sarah no-blog liked this post. And now back to our regularly scheduled blog....


Karin said...

luv the retro blog. Only problem is now I feel the need to put my clothes back on and hit Bruster's. I thought about it earlier but talked myself out of it. But I think the blog is an omen. I NEED CHOCOLATE!!!

Cathi said...

I love the idea of the retro blog rewind!! I often think of a blog post, don't get to it in time and ...

sewprimitive karen said...

Love the vision of Bad Melisa casting her spell and what it did to your group lol. Ah, Bruster's, wonderful ice cream.

Becky said...

This happens to me all the time. I start a post with the title so I don't forget the idea, save it as draft. I have one sitting in my lists of post from March.

I agree. Sarah needs a blog.

Susan said...

I was looking for this post for a while. Now, here it is! I love the retro blog idea! It's never too late!!