Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall Reading and More Treat Bags

Tiny Treat Bags from Quilts and More fall issue
I made four more little treat bags.  These are just too fun and cute.  A few will be staying here and the rest will be mailed to Michigan for my Halloween-loving family.  This is going to be a short post because I am declaring today "binding Saturday" and am sewing miles of binding on my Mardi Gras quilt and maybe two more. 

If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I read mostly nonfiction books.  Lately, I have been reading a number of World War II books.  Here are two that are really interesting and well worth checking out.  The Women Who Wrote the War by Nancy Caldwell Sorel is an excellent book that explores the lives of women reporters and photographers in both the European and Pacific Theaters.  An amazing book about amazing women and the first time women were allowed to report from combat areas.  
The second book is American Nightingale:  The Story of Frances, Slanger, Forgotten Heroine of Normandy by Bob Welch. This is another wonderful book about an amazing woman. Ms. Slanger and her family survived World War I in Lodz, Poland and immigrated to the US in 1920 when Frances was seven.  The book details the struggles the family faced living in the 1920s and 1930s in Boston and how Frances defied her family, went to nursing school, and worked at Boston's City Hospital. Against the wishes of her family, she enrolls in the US Army Nurse Corps and is among the first US nurses to land in Normandy on June 10, 1944.  I triple highly recommend this book. In fact, if I was Steven Spielberg, I'd option this book right away.  It's high time movie studios made some decent movies for women that are not the same ol', tired, retread-story chick flicks.  Hear that Steve?!  Good. Off to bind.   


Micki said...

Really cute bags for Halloween!

Brenda said...

Your bags are too cute.

Susan said...

Those bags are sooo cute!

dianne said...

i haven't read the book that you think Steve should option, BUT i AM all for a chick flick that isn't full of fluff and stupid, gaggy stuff (although i would NOT object to Johnny Depp or Sean Connery appearing in it - just for the eye candy)