Monday, July 26, 2010

Red Nine-Patches and Yellow Tomatoes

Along with complaining about the heat and humidity resulting in heat indexed of 100-110F all weekend, I sewed the 899,000,000 little bitty nine-patches I had left from this post. I am determined to finish Scrappy Nines so I can start on a new project. I nearly finished sewing all those nine-patches (actually I have 24 left to go. Somehow I just decided to stop after 899,898,976), squared all those bad boys up, and started sewing the blocks.

With help of course... Mr. Gomez is looking too cute for words!

Here's a stack of blocks.

I also spent a large part of the weekend finding recipes for fresh tomatoes. Stella Bella Organics heirloom tomatoes are everywhere in the kitchen! Romas, Cherokee Purple, and some kind of yellow tomato that I can't remember what is the name. We are having tomatoes in everything. Example #1: homemade free-form thin crust pizza with fresh basil and tomatoes (from the garden) and fresh mozzarella (from the store!) I don't have an "after" baking photo because this was g-o-n-e in about 2 seconds YUMMY!


Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

Pizza, looks wonderful. Finish the nine patches you won't regret it.


Karin said...

I ditto Pat's comment. I have 7 blocks to finish and then can start sewing all the blocks together.

Carol said...

I love your blocks...Yum! That pizza looks delicious!

sewprimitive karen said...

Oh, your Scrappy Nines, I am looking forward to seeing that together. My, that is a lot of patches lol. Hope you got a lot of that rain last night.

dianne said...

Auntia started our tomatoes from seeds this year - and all we have is a lot of green leaves, so far ... but there is one zuke that is ALMOST ready to pick - i can hardly wait!

oh. my. gawd. that pizza looks dee-lish

Brenda said...

Love the blocks, need to start on mine. Have you made salsa?