Sunday, July 12, 2009


Tomorrow is the big day--my new dryer arrives! Can I get a woo hoo? Thanks to everyone who commiserated with me about appliance woes. Poor Karen at Life at Leehaven was suffering from morte des appliances also. Sneak over and give her some love if you have the chance. Although my bloggy friends from the UK (Amanda and Jane) mentioned that it is not unusual in England to have clothes hanging all over to dry. So, yes, I feel like a spoiled American and I may have to do some treehugging to make up for it (but I am going to LOVE having soft towels again).

Anyway--remember way back in June, I was going to post about my helping-the-Michigan-economy quilt shop hop. Well I nearly forgot about it until I went to put the stuff away (yes, it is mid-July; I am so behind). My mom, SIL, and I went to every quilt store within somewhat reasonable driving distance. The first stop was Christina's in Rochester. She was having a sale on everything so I picked up some
black & white fat quarters because me and Becky were supposed to make some quilt with B&W fabric and I'm sure I'll remember it at some point and need these.
At Mabelena's, I picked up some Moda goodness for a future tablerunner
(or a dryer cozy HAHA)
I also bought some Halloween fat quarters because my goal is to have enough Halloween fabric to make a quilt for every man, woman, and child in the US. The green rickrack is a just because.
We went to a couple other shops but I think whatever I bought was absorbed into the sewing room already (kinda like the BLOB!)
We also went to Lake Street Mercantile and I bought one of Windham's new Fat Rolls (5" strips) of their Clara Barton line of fabric. Mom and I split this and I cut all the strips in half so now we each have a jelly roll!
I already have a quilt picked out of this book to make.
Today, I am working on finishing up the "Glory Bound" quilt even though I am OVER this quilt and just want to be done and moving on. But I am steadfast in finishing it. Also, I am still pouting from not being able to join all my sewing buds at the week-long stitch-in. If you haven't checked out my friend Pat at Silver Thimble Talk, click on over there and hold on to your hat for all the great quilts and hilarity that ensued over the week.


Nancy said...

Woo Hoo on the dryer!

And now I confess that I have an absolute death wish for my own refrigerator. I want a new one so badly and I certainly can't justify purchase of same while this baby still hums along. I had to clean her out yesterday and fought off the temptation to do her in.

And your fabrics are great.

WV: culat, the area of the gum around the molar?

sewprimitive karen said...

Hi, Gretchen, I wondered if you would be at Pat's Stitch In. Glad your dryer will arrive tomorrow, those air-dried towels are just like sandpaper but the worst thing is you can hardly fold them!

Karin said...

Love your show and tell. Glad the new baby arrives tomorrow and you don't need to lay in a supply of pampers! I have picked out first quilt in our new book-see page 30. I am going to use a jelly roll of soiree. Almost finsihed "Gretchen mad me do it". i'll bring it to Thimbles

*karendianne. said...

Appliances are about to be in abundance now! My friend was just visiting - had to show my vacuum but passed on the new water heater - how tacky of me. Not everyone would be as thrilled as you, I know. Our friends "Across the Pond" are so good for keeping us in line I think. They're chin up!

As for the "helping-the-Michigan-economy quilt shop hop" I'm thinking we outta chip in and head on over to and see if this trip might qualify for some tax credit or something. hee! :) ...and maybe you're onto something with the Dryer Cozy. Yes! A new manufacturing base? Don't laugh. It might work?

Seriously though, what do you think of that book you have there? More than one pattern you like? Good tips?

You're posts are always so fun! This was funny: "I think whatever I bought was absorbed into the sewing room already (kinda like the BLOB!)"

I can count on you to make me giggle!

Susan said...

Woo Hoo! I'm so glad that you're going to have soft towels again!

I really enjoyed seeing your goodies from the Michigan quilt shop hop. It looks like you have several projects in the making.

I've really enjoyed reading Pat's comments about the Stitch-In. I've really missed being there, too. I hope that my Mom will soon feel up to taking care of herself again, so that I can join everyone at Thimbles again.

Susan Gilliam

Carol said...

What treats you got in Michigan! I love that book...which quilt do you have picked out first?

Catherine said...

This post made me laugh -- particularly the comment about the BLOB!
There is nothing like a soft fluffy towel fresh from the dryer. Enjoy using your new one!

Brenda said...

Woo Hoo on the new dryer. Hopefully that will be your last applianc epurchase for the year.

Becky said...

I don't remember which Black and White project we were planning either :) I'm planning one in Quilt Lover's Favorites. Could that be the one you were thinking of? What quilt in the new jelly roll book are you planning? I'm using a jelly roll, the gift from you and Karin, for Pat's new Tic Tac quilt.