Monday, June 15, 2009

It's Peach Time

Peaches are in season here in the Peach State. South Carolina really produces more than Georgia, but we don't talk about that. Anyway, I love fresh, local, perfectly ripe peaches like these
I don't like eating the skin on peaches though. Bleh too fuzzy! On my never ending quest to find the perfect peach cobbler recipe, I decided to try the recipe in The Joy of Cooking.
Peaches are peeled, sliced, mixed with sugar, flour, and a dash of cinnamon (not in the recipe--my addition).
The topping is similar to biscuit dough. Sometimes I use my Cuisinart but this time I went the old fashioned way (I only use real unsalted butter and King Arthur flour for baking because well I'm a cooking snob I guess).
I finished up the dough, give a couple of kneads, and roughly flattened (let's call this a Rustic Cobbler)
Sliced the dough in rectangley shapes, place on peaches and brush with egg wash and throw some sugar for sprinkly fun.

While baking, sew some half-square triangles.
Here it is. Super yummy by my standards and looks pretty. I don't have any ice cream in the house--vanilla would be perfect. Go check out Marlene's posts for her homemade ice cream to go with this post :) And another one (if you can stand it...)


Michelle said...

I only have one word to say...YUM!!! LOL Those fresh peaches look amazing. We had some nice peach orchards near us when we lived in southern Illinois. You really need to go out and get some vanilla ice cream though! :)

Karin said...

My that looks good but it really does need the ice cream....then you don't have to have a main course!!

*karendianne. said...

Oh dear lord you've done me in! And I laugh about the peaches, being here in the Sunshine State. I feel like I received a good tip within reach!

Becky said...

We had some South Carolina peaches that needed to be used yesterday. Marion baked a peach cobbler, too. We ate it with Cool Whip, but ice cream does sound good. Your cobbler looks wonderful!

Brenda said...

The cobbler looks wonderful, but it is always better with ice cream.

Catherine said...

Oooh -- that looks yummy! We have a couple of months to wait before we have fresh Ontario peaches, but they'll be worth the wait. :-)

sewprimitive karen said...

Yummers! Where do you like to get the peaches?