Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Random Stuff

I have had the past two nights off from SBux so I have been sewing, sewing, sewing at night. I almost have the top together for "Firecrackers"--just have to sew the rows together and I'll post a photo.

Yesterday, Edgar and Stella attempted to harness the power of invisibility. I took them to the vet for their annual shots/check up. Edgar meowed all the way there, which always makes me a nervous wreck. Once in the exam room, Edgar and Stella each found a corner of the room and curled up in a tiny ball and shut their eyes. True scaredy cats. They were probably thinking "if I can't see you, you can't see me!" Stella really tried to teleport herself through the wall to no avail. Wish I had taken a photo. They were too funny! Both were really good and both are healthy kitties.

Becky has a post about the book Twenty Wishes and she started a list of her 20 wishes. I posted a comment that one of my wishes would be that Moda would make some ugly fabric so I wouldn't *have* to buy some for awhile LOL! I'm still pondering my list but will start with some things from this post that I still wish for:

1. peace
2. our troops home
3. New Orleans to be fixed and healed and alive again
4. ice for the polar bears
5. clean air for our planet
6. a government with some sense and who really, truly cares about our country and the world and everyone in it
7. rain for the south (still in a drought although not quite so bad)

here are some new ones:
8. a better economy worldwide and here in my house (thanks governor for eliminating state employees raises again!)
9. some accountability for the hubris of the Bush administration--major accountability--in fact let's start with a look to Dante and go from there

OK I'm going to stop here for now before I get too political...

10. a really great, bright, organized sewing room (see this post for some inspiration)

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