Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Finish Just in Time

 I finished quilting and binding the baby quilt for my soon-to-be-new-niece-or-nephew.  The baby is due any day now.

I quilted it myself using a "wavy" stitch in horizontal lines across the quilt.  It reminds me of the clouds in some of the blocks.

The quilt is all washed and crinkly and in the mail.

Here's a view of the back and a close-up of the fabric and quilting.

I just love this fabric line from Kate & Birdie for Moda called Storybook.  The pattern is Charm Pack Cherry by Fat Quarter Shop.

I had lots of cat help on this project from beginning to end.

I woke Gomez up from a nap by snapping photos of him.  This is his usual sleeping spot every night--on the pillows above my head. We both like fun quilting fabric pillowcases :) 


Karendianne said...

Oh I love this quilt. Fabulous job on the quilting!!! You woke him up? Oh, I'd have to, too. He's so sweet and handsome.

Carol said...

What a wonderful quilt! Very lucky baby!

Stitched With Prayer said...

Hi Gretchen! I Adore the new baby quilt and your right...the quilting does add the look of soft, snugly, fluffy clouds. this quilt will something for both mom and baby to cherish for years! My oldest daughter still has her very first baby quilt, that was given to her by an aunt from California. I had to fight with her to get her to leave it home when she went to her first day of was a struggle, she and that quilt were inseparable until she was 16! Then she wanted it hanging on her wall. I love it when a sweet new baby grows so fond of a beautiful gift made by a loving family member.
Love the picture of Gomez too. My daughters cat "Mouse" sleeps in almost the exact same spot and when it time to wake up, Mouse starts gently tapping my daughters eyelids, LOL. I don't remember if I told you we had to say goodbye to our last furry baby the 26th of July. Our little dog Sadie Jo kept getting painful intestinal tract infections, 3 times in less that a month this last round, and we couldn't get her diabetes under control. Sugar levels were off the charts!!! I had a hard time with her loss because we didn't find her until she had suffered through 18 months of severe abuse at the hands of her first owners. But even after that horrible start to her life, she constantly filled our home with more love, joy, laughter and 'dorkiness' than we imagined was possible for 11 years. We don't plan to get another pet just now, because after 4 years of taking care of two terminally ill furry babes, then loosing them both in less than a year, really took a toll on us. But we have decided that when we do get the "itch" for some furry companionship, we will be looking for a couple of cats, or kittens at a shelter or rescue center. Hopefully we will find some that love sleeping on our pillows and keeping me company in my sewing room when I feel up to sewing, or snuggled up to me on my bed when my health confines me there for a few days at a time. Sooo... we know that someday we will feel the call, just not quite yet.
Well, I certainly got carried away Gretchen. So sorry. Sending big hugs for you and scratches to all the furry kids in all their favorite spots.

sunny said...

Very cute quilt. I'm sure some lucky baby is going to love snuggling under it.

Rebecca Stevens said...

Very pretty quilt for a very lucky baby and fabric so appropriate for boy or girl. Gomez appears to be thinking-just wait until you go to sleep I WILL get even.

Monica said...

Cute! I love the colors.

KatB said...

I love the quilt and love the quilting. Is that a certain stitch setting? I have a Janome 6600 and wonder if I could figure out a quilting stitch like that.
What a lucky little baby!

Brenda DeBord said...

Love your quilt. I am sure that it will be well loved.