Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sewing with Cat Assistants

 I enjoyed my day off of work by finishing the Charm Pack Cherry baby quilt today with LOTS of assistance from the cats.  They must have missed quilting during the time we were moving as much as I did.

Even if you do not have cat assistants, this is a super fun and super fast quilt to make.

In fact, it may be quicker to make without cat help.
Edgar Poe is alway a big help. Check out this post for his tutorial on pin basting a quilt. 

In this photo, he has all the pinned blocks stacked up and ready for me to sew.

Here he is listening to the gentle hum of my featherweight, or contemplating a snack, or getting ready for a snooze, or getting ready to pounce on something.  It could be any of these.


Zen sewing kitty

The second part of the pattern required Gomez's assistance.  Here he is supervising cutting the blocks are resewing them together.

Gomez excels at supervision. With his assistance, I successfully sewed all the blocks together without any duplicate patterns touching and with the castles and sailing ships right-side-up.

Looked who showed back up to take all the credit for the finished quilt.  It seems as though we may have another interloper assistant making an appearance.

Remy and Edgar are carefully checking out the seam allowance and making sure the edge stay-stitching is adequate.

One last photo before the whole gang jumps on the quilt.  I changed the pattern a little from the original.  I reversed the blocks in rows 2 and 4 so the motifs would be right-side-up.  I ordered the backing and binding so I could quilt this up soon and be ready way ahead of the August due date..  Another adventure with the cats, I am sure.


Brenda DeBord said...

Edgar Poe is just too cute. Love your baby quilt. Miss you.

Micki said...

Too cute....what a wonderful helper. Cats are so funny! Thanks for your welcoming me back.