Friday, March 21, 2014

A Friday Finish and a Feline Friday Photo

Spring is here!  The sun is shining and the birds are singing.  I am looking forward to seeing what spring is like in Santa Fe.  Hopefully, I will not have the same problem with spring allergies as I did in Atlanta.

I am still trying to get situated here.  The house still has boxes--mostly my sewing stuff that I have no where to put.  Sigh.  It's just about time to start sewing something though because I'm tired of unpacking and I want to sew.

I still have a full email-inbox to wade through so if you commented on my previous posts or emailed me THANK YOU and I will respond soon-ish.

I am just behind on things.

Recently, I managed to hand sew the binding on Mr. SBQ's "Mad Men" quilt while watching True Detective (a riveting show! anyone else see it???).  I finished the top last February and quilted it myself using the easy wavy stitch in horizontal rows while I was in Georgia at the end of the year.  The backing is a dark green Kona solid.

Mr. SBQ is very happy to have his quilt finished--just in time for Mad Men to start back up again soon.

He is also doing an excellent job of being a quilt holder on a windy day.

Here is another view in our driveway.  It's a good size quilt and will be perfect for the bed in the guest room/sewing room or for watching TV on a cool evening.  
And for Feline Friday, here is a cutemous photo of Remy in his new favorite spot.  I put quilts on my purple upholstered Victorian chair to keep cat hair off of it and the chair has become the new favorite cat evening sleeping spot in the living room.

Remy likes having his toys nearby.

The "Black Cat" quilt is a Country Threads pattern that I made way back in 2005.

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ytsmom said...

I love the quilt! Country Threads is on my bucket list of shops to visit. And, as always, Remy is quite handsome!!