Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Quilt for S.

Thank you everyone who sent get-better wishes to me and my hurt foot.  Foot is better and I figured out a couple of things I need to watch out for when standing for 8+ hours a day.

A while ago (last year maybe?), I started a quilt for S. nicknamed "S.'s Mad Men quilt."  When David Butler aka Parson Gray aka Mr. Amy Butler came out with his first line of fabric "Curious Nature",  I knew it would be a perfect quilt for S., who admires modern design.  We are big Mad Men fans and this line reminded me of the hip 1960s designs from the show.

I finished the 63 (!) blocks (last year?) and they sat around for awhile.  After getting Cameron's quilt together, I decided it was high time to finish up S.'s quilt.

Last week, I laid out the blocks and for the first time successfully "stacked" a quilt and sewed it all together without getting the blocks out of order.  Pat is going to be so proud of me!  Am I the only one that has problems with this?  Do y'all "stack" quilts after laying them out?  I know most of my sewing buddies at Silver Thimble Club do.  Maybe there is another term for it, but basically you sew all the blocks together (this is for not-on-point quilts) in rows vertically without cutting threads and you end up with the quilt blocks all sewn together. You then sew the horizontal rows.  And voila, a quilt top.  I will post a tutorial if y'all haven't tried it.

One great thing about "stacking" a quilt is when you have cats that want to rearrange your quilt blocks, like so:

The blocks are sewn together and rows are in order so Edgar Poe is foiled in his attempt to rearrange this quilt.  Thank you Edgar Poe for the demonstration.

Here is the finished quilt top.

The pattern is "Snapshots" by Atkinson Designs from the book Happy Hour. I made the twin size, which fits the guest room/S.'s sanctuary perfectly.  It's a bit too big for me to quilt at home, so it will sit for a little while more until I can get it long-armed.  S. loves the quilt--the design and fabric.  Maybe I'll get it finished in time for the next season of Mad Men to start this spring.


Karmen Sunshine said...

I stacked for the first time at Thimbles on Friday; best thing I've ever learned in quilting. Voila' quilt top!

Stitched With Prayer said...

Hi Gretchen, I'm so glad your foot is feeling better. Being on your feet for so many hours a day is not easy. Wow...I love the quilt! It is wonderful and I have that pattern...I made two of another pattern in theHappy Hour book but have not yet made this one. Seeing yours makes me want to do one in black, white, grey and red. BUT...not starting anything new here until my Desert Sunset is finished. I just take breaks from the intense concentration of the DS quilt to make fun small projects, table toppers, etc. But again, after seeing your quilt, Happy Hour book and this quilt is jumping to the top of my "want to do" pattern list. Now, about the method your talking about...I'm confused but I'm very interested and would really appreciate a tutorial on it. When you have the time. OH, I also adore the fabrics you used on this quilt, what a great collection! Big Hugs to you and scratches or rubs all around for the fur babes...
***Oh dear, I forgot to tell Edgar Poe that his demonstration was pure purrrfection...Well done EP!

Brenda said...

Glad that your foot is better. Love Steve's quilt. The colors are very manly.

dianne said...

i mess up every time when i stack blocks - but i would rather reverse sew than run up and down the stairs a hundred times doing just two blocks at a time ... sometimes i take Sven the Viking down to the dining room and sew rows together there - but the table is too high and it makes my back ache ... wah wah wah!

a good yarn said...

Glad to read your foot is feeling better. Fabulous quilt! Can't say I've heard of stacking but it certainly has worked.

Sarah said...

I think it's a lovely man quilt! I'm guessing S is your boyfriend/partner? Sorry, I can't remember him being mentioned before. Are you allowed to wear comfortable, supportive footwear to work, like running shoes? That will be the best thing for your feet and legs, wearing lace up shoes. I learned this working in retail when I was at uni. My feet and legs would ache if I wore slip ons or heels.