Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Guest Blogger: Edgar Poe Talks Process

Hello everyone!  Edgar Poe here and it's come to my attention (thanks to the always fabulous and wonderful *karendianne) that Mom forgot to include my contribution to her recent quilt finish. 
That's OK. She's a busy lady and I'll make sure to jump on the dresser and knock things off a couple of extra times this month to make up for it.

The other day I helped Mom Swifter sweep the floor (I may have hindered this process a little bit because you know it's shedding season...) then I helped her spread big fabric on the floor. If you do this, make sure to run and slide on the fabric a few times.  Trust me; it's fun.
image from realsimple.com

Then Mom used this blue stuff that looked like fun paper to chew on but when I touched it; it attached itself to my paw and wouldn't let go.  Not fun!  I don't like this paper.  And Mom laughed at me.  She better not tell Stella about this.

The next step is to spread out fluffy stuff on top of the fabric. Mom was being unhelpful at this point because (1) she wouldn't let me roll on it  (2) she wouldn't let me help spread it out and (3) she wouldn't let me roll on it. 

I kind of lost track at this point because Mom kept picking me up and moving me so I'm not sure what happened next.

This next step is very important.  You have to hold everything down and don't let it move. 

See.  No one is moving me from this spot.  

This next step involved some mysterious objects that Mom kept saying were Not For Kittens.  There sure are a lot of things in the world that are Not For Kittens. 

Even though I was careful and not moving and I just wanted to see what these new objects were, Mom said Not For Kittens and kept picking me up and moving me.

This sure gets tiresome after awhile and I don't like that part of the process.

In fact, I decided that repeatedly getting picked up and moved was just not something I wanted to do anymore.   I left Mom to finish up by herself since she didn't want my help and went to my favorite spot to watch the birds and squirrels in the yard. Mom calls this "Poe TV."  Oh please Mom, you are so lame. 


Michele said...

Great post! Tell Poe that Copper says "hi!" How fun to hear it from that perspective :-)

The Vegetarian Hunter said...

Awesome! I love this post, you are very good at mind reading for your fuzzy babies!

Karin said...

Edgar Poe-you are such a funny guy. I wish you would come play with me. We could have a play date!
Wild Willie

*karendianne. said...

Oh Edgar it's so good to hear from you!!! I had not idea you did that run and slide on the fabric. How fun a cat you are. The blue tape - well I can't help but *stick* up for mom on this one. hee. ;)

Poe TV! Are you serious? This is so dang hilarious and witty. You rock and this was so worth the thousand year wait!!!

Michelle said...

Dude...my mom has those "not for kitten" things too and she never lets me chew on them either. What's up with that? They look all shiny and I just want to chew on them for a bit. ~sigh~

Take it easy, Poe!

--Smokey in Delaware

Becky said...

Sometimes you get more help than you need:)