Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Celebrating Worldwide Quilting Day a Little Late

Well we are way behind on all the quilting festivities here in StellaBellaLand.  I missed Worldwide Quilting Day (March 16) as I was working a double shift at Starbucks.  I also missed the Greater Atlanta Shop Hop and Silver Thimbles Quilt group this past weekend.  I did not miss out on the fun, however, because my quilting friend Sarah (no blog) came to visit me at Starbucks, filled me in on the shops she visited and what was happening at Thimbles, and even showed me some projects she is working on.  Thank you Sarah!!!  It was great to see you and your beautiful projects and I was so happy you came by to visit!!

Somewhere in there was also St. Patrick's Day, which I didn't blog about but celebrated with corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes.  I'm still celebrating that with leftovers tonight.

There probably is some other stuff that happened that I am forgetting.  Anyway-----

Today is a day off so I am belatedly celebrating Worldwide Quilting Day by working on the Avalon quilt from my last post.  After eeny-meeny-miney-moeing a couple of different projects in both Schnibbles books, I decided to make the large version of Lincoln.

Star blocks are done.  I am using some Moda Bella solid in Fig Tree Cream for the background. 

(P.S. If I had a Moda Bella solid named for me, it would be Gretchen Gray and would be the perfect shade of cool gray with a hint of blue, a hint of lavender, and no pink or taupe or yellow.  Similar to Moda Zen Gray but better.  Just sayin' in case Mr. Moda is reading.)

I made cutemous little bonus half-square triangles from the trimmed flying geese parts.  Adorable.  Don't know what I'll do with them but they are in a little baggie ready for a cutemous little project. 

The rail-fence blocks are halfway done.

I went searching through my blog to find the small-size Lincoln that I made and found out that it was nearly three years ago that I made that one. How funny.

Here is the post. (note: it's still not quilted and bound.)

Here is a recent Remy photo for all you Remy fans out there.  He was "helping" change linens on the bed and I was lucky to snap a few photos while he was running around and under the covers.  Here he is posing with his overly long tail on my version of Bonnie Hunter's Orange Crush quilt.  I did mine in Mardi Gras colors and it is one of my favorite quilts.


Carol said...

Love, Love your Avalon blocks...your Lincoln is going yo be awesome! Oh look at how helpful sweet Remy is...I know you couldn't do that job without his help! LOL!

Sue said...

I really love all your goodies you are working on. I love a good star block! Love the rail fence and one of these days I want to make myself one in some sweet Civil War fabrics!

Stitched With Prayer said...

Hi Gretchen, I LOVE your Avalon blocks and the tiny HST's you made are going to be wonderful in something!!! It's so sad to see quilters just cut and trash those tiny HST pieces as they many 'cutemous' projects could be waiting to jump out and say "ME, ME, ME, make ME" one day when you spread them out an look at them. Okay I've rambled enough, but I can't possibly close without saying how very handsome Remy looks. Great picture of him! He really is a gorgeous kitty and I'm certain he knows it too, LOL. Big Hugs to you, and scratches to all the fur babies...(shhhhh...throw in an extra scratch for the handsome guy in the pic *wink*)

Sarah said...

Lovely Avalon looking great in the stars!

a good yarn said...

Your star blocks look great - lovely fabric too. I look forward to seeing what you do with your leftovers as I have some of my own and have been waiting for inspiration.