Monday, March 11, 2013

Back from Michigan

I had a very quick and much to short long weekend trip to Michigan this past weekend.  It was niece Mackenzie's 3rd birthday and I met nephew Cameron for the first time.   Cameron is the cutest little guy!  He is 5 weeks old and the sweetest thing (I'll check with my SIL and see if I can post a photo). He is a very mellow baby and was happy to be held when I wasn't busy playing with Mackenzie.

Cameron's quilt was delivered to him.  And so Mackenzie didn't feel left out, I finished my "T is for Thelma" Schnibble quilt and gave it to her.

"T is for Thelma" Schnibble 

scrappy back
 Excuse the wrinkles, it was rolled and stuffed in my suitcase.

Mackenzie is faster than the fastest camera setting

 Mackenzie is in a "no photographs!" phase (she never stands still either) so this is the best photo I could get with her and her quilt.

Reminds me of Remy hiding under things.

I'm a sad auntie today missing the kids.  Hope to see them sometime this summer.


Thelma said...

I LOVE that quilt, of course I do! Maybe I should make a springtime T is for Thelma quilt! That quilt will get a lot of love, who could ask for more?

a good yarn said...

Those quilts will be much used and much loved. They are terribly cute at this age.

Carol said...

Glad you had such a good time...the Mackenzie pic made me laugh...reminds me of many of the pics of my grandkids on my camera right now...a blur...they don't stand still for a much fun!

Sue said...

That's a sweet quilt! I live in Michigan. Whereabouts are your relatives?

dianne said...

you are SUCH a good auntie!!! at least Mackenzie isn't a poser like LuLu - bring out a camera and all the cuteness stops while she tilts her head and smiles sweetly - fake fake fake!

Brenda said...

Great looking quilt. I know how you feel I don't get to see my little relatives too often,.