Monday, March 28, 2011

Atlanta Quilt Shop Hop 2011 Part 2

I only made it to 5 of the 11 shops on the shop hop but that was enough for this year:)  Sunday, I went to Patchwork Cottage in Lawrenceville.  The shop was decorated as a haunted house!  How fun!  Halloween in March!!! What could be better than that??!!

Each shop in the shop hop gave out a goody bag with a house block pattern.  Each shop then made a quilt with all the house blocks related to their shop's theme.  I love the haunted neighborhood complete with graveyard that the clever quilters at Patchwork designed.  I think this is going on my to-make list. 
Directions for the quilt minus the house blocks will be up on their website soon.

Also, if you want to check out any of the Atlanta quilt shops on the hop, here is a link to the shop hop website.

This year, for a $10 purchase, you could get a free charm representing the shop's theme (or you could purchase one for $3).  Collecting charms is as irresistible as it sounds.  I now have a coffee cup, bee, castle, easel, and tombstone. 

This is what I bought so I could collect a tombstone charm. (Oh I crack myself up often with my crazy quilter's logic...).  Civil War prints and some more Lilac Hill. 

One thing that shop hops do (besides lighten your wallet and put miles on your car) is inspire you.  I am so inspired after seeing all the shops, samples, new fabrics, old fabrics in different places, patterns, books, and chatting with quilter friends at every stop. 

I am ready to fling fabric and wield rotary cutter and get some quilting done. 

And yes, the quilt top for Eventide is finished!!!  Woo hoo!!! Check in tomorrow for a view. 


Michele said...

Sounds like more fun! The haunted shop must have been a blast:-) what a great idea.....I just got some Haunted Mansion fabric that I can't wait to use! Congrats on finishing Eventide.....I can't wait to see it :-)

Gari said...

I've never ben on a shop hop (1 shop in our town) but it sounds like lots of fun. I do enjoy visiting shops when we travel: they are all so different and yet full of fabric.

Pink-a-Palooza said...

U have such a nice blog! Could u tell me what the name of the fabs are on top of the Lilac Hill fabs?