Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day 2009!

It's Earth Day! How cool is this Moda Earth Day logo? It reminds me of Catherine's fabulous quilting at Quilt Obsession.

As I posted about earlier this month, my Earth Day pledge this year is to help out my local songbirds by setting up bird feeders. I may look for a nice birdbath too; something other that a large concrete one that is easier to clean. I am trying to talk S. and E. into building some birdhouses too.

Other "earthy" things: a new compost bin for spring and I am seriously considering building some raised beds for a vegetable garden. I just need a few more hours in my day to fit in some gardening. Anyone know where I can find them????

Last year, my pledge was to use "bring your own totes" or go without bags altogether every time I shop. It makes me crazy when I buy one thing and the clerk wants to put it in a plastic bag. I also started using natural wax paper bags for sandwiches and stuff. I buy mine at Whole Foods and they are great! Of course for quilt shops, I have my "Bad Melisa Bag".

What are you doing for Earth Day?


Amanda said...

Perhaps I've just been a bit blind and deaf, but I haven't heard/seen anything about Earth Day here in the UK - and I'm sure it must just be me, as we're pretty 'green' here at the moment. However, I refuse to take bags from shopkeepers - our car is littered with our own bags which we take with us every time - and we've put out four birdfeeders since we moved, and I'm starting a new vegetable patch and using more eco-friendly cleaners now that I have to be kind to my septic tank. Does that count?

Becky said...

Marion has planted our garden in raised or square foot gardens for years. It's much easier to purchase good, rich soil than to try and improve the red Georgia clay. I believe like you do that every little bit helps.

Living on the Spit said...

I wrote three environmental site assessments! Wait...that's my job....I used the same paper coffee cup for three latte's!!!!

A Quilter Awakens said...

I love Moda's globe too! Thanks for posting the link to "Quilt Obsession." She has good stuff on her blog. Yep, raised beds are the way to go in ATL, but I only have small flower spots, so I build the soil up a little more each year. I am big on throwing kitchen waste into my islands and turning it over. Good luck!

Catherine said...

We carry our own bags with us everywhere now. A lot of our grocery stores now charge people an extra 5 cents for each plastic bag -- which has, I think, gone a long way to convincing people to use reusable, non-plastic bags.

I like that globe in the Moda logo! Made me think of a very muted hexagon project!

Brenda said...

I love the globe that is so neat. I am in the process of doing a bird/butterfly freindly flower garden in our back yard that is my latest contribution to the Earth.