Sunday, April 26, 2009

Domestic Diva

Well if you remember from earlier in the week, my big plans for the weekend involved cleaning out the attic and that's what happened. We had beautiful weather here in the ATL--80s and sunny--and I spent it cleaning. But it had to be done and we got about 1/2 of the attic cleaned out. It was hot and dusty and icky so the other have will have to wait until S. and I forget how un-fun this half was. A lot of stuff accumulates in an attic over 10 years and I just kept wondering why on earth I kept some of the stuff to begin with. Clutter-busting is very liberating though.

Today was busy at Starbucks, everyone was out and about enjoying the weather and stopping in for coffee. I came home and took a nap, great weather or not I was still tired from yesterday. I also made some homemade kale & mushroom soup and cornbread for dinner and another batch of snickerdoodles as a reward to myself for working so hard this weekend.

As a reward to you for reading this boring post, check out the giveaway at Cornfield Quilter. It's a great giveaway; please let her know I sent you. She also has the most beautiful Double Delight quilt on her 200th post. I love the colors. Wonder if my Double Delight has aged enough to start working on it again LOL!


Catherine said...

I keep trying to convince DH that we need to do a major clutter busting weekend. Your post is inspiring me to work on convincing him more!
We had a glorious sunny summer day Friday and most of Saturday. And tomorrow? Tomorrow they're saying we'll have a humidex with temps close to 30C! I can't wait.

Amanda said...

You're so right about the good feelings, as well as the horrors - and about the stuff that turns up. Go on, get the rest done, you'll feel great once it's finished.

sewprimitive karen said...

Wasn't the weather yesterday divine???

Carol said...

What a great feeling to declutter and spring is the perfect time. Plus with the reward of another batch of snickerdoodles...that really makes it all worth it!

Anonymous said...

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