Friday, July 24, 2015

With a Little Help from a Black Cat

Yesterday, Remy and I finished up the borders on my "Bounce" quilt.  I did the sewing while Remy did the supervising and the unnecessary application of cat hair (ahem!) 

I left the room for two minutes....

and Remy decided to roll around and wrinkle up the quilt....

It's a good thing he is so cute.

Lint rollers are another good thing.....

early morning light--wrinkles by Remy
Despite Remy's help, I finished up the quilt top and decided to photograph it on the fence this morning to avoid any cat assistance. I used a layer cake of Kate Spain's Cuzco, Moda Bella Solid in Tranquil Aqua, and was inspired by Thelma's version for the border.

This pattern was so much fun to make and would work well with any type/pattern of fabric.  I was really pleased that you could use a layer cake so there aren't scraps left over (I seriously have a scrap basket problem but that is for another day).

I think it took longer to lay out the blocks and decide how to cut them than piece the blocks.  The instructions are clear and it all pieced together perfectly.  There are a couple of different versions included in the pattern. I used version 2 for the star blocks (solid stars instead of pieced center blocks).  My version has two different size stars.  For the pieced border, I cut the strips the same width and grouped the strips by color (similar to Thelma's version).  I can't wait to get this one to a longarm quilter to finish up.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Bounce in Progress

 I am having so much fun making "Bounce" by Miss Rosie.  I've been working on it every chance I have and just have the two outer borders left to add.

I am using a layer cake that I have been hoarding saving just for this pattern.  It's "Cuzco" by Kate Spain The background is a Moda Bella Solid called Tranquil Aqua.

We've had lots and lots of rain in Santa Fe this past week and Northern New Mexico is out of drought status, which is wonderful.   

Flowers are blooming 

The sunsets are incredible

And rainy days are perfect for napping in boxes. 

Hope your weekend is great!