Sunday, September 11, 2016

Let's See If I Remember How to Blog

Well hello there (especially to Dianne who reminded me that I need to blog and read my emails more often).   I guess it's been a over a year since I posted. Wow time goes by.  I've been Instagramming so if you've missed the cats, images around NM, more cats, and a few quilts you can find me over there (@stellabellaquilts).

We are all fine. Cats are happy, S. is happy, I am happy.  Santa Fe is marvelous. I just fell out of the blogging ritual and maybe turned a little inward.  There's too much to catch up on so I'm just going to start from now.

This is the latest quilt that I finished.  It's a well-aged top that finally was expertly quilted by Mary at Quilt Hollow in the winter and then it waited for binding until now. Whew! Like I said it's been an I-can't-get-it-together kind of year. Anywhoo--
Voila!  Halloween Night fabric by Minick & Simpson and the pattern is Lilypads in the book Time Out Quilts by Atkinson Designs. The color is a little to yellow because I took this at night when Mr. Quilt Holder was able to be a quilt holder.

I love this quilt. It is on the bed now since it's after Labor Day and in my book, we can get Halloween stuff out.

Here's a cat photo. Remy kitty is as ever photogenic.