Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Favorite Season

Happy Fall Y'all!!

I can't believe that October is right around the corner.  This summer just went zipping by in a flurry of festivals, fiestas, hikes, walks, busy work, sunshine, sleepy cats, good books, and who knows what else.  I am behind in all things email and blog posts and blog comments. Maybe I'll catch up when winter arrives?

There has been some sewing here and there.  (I made curtains!)

I have jumped into the Another Year of Schnibbles & a Little Bit More  (AYOS&ALBM) group for this year and have the top completed with time to spare (woo hoo!)

September's AYOS&ALBM quilt pattern is Whit by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. Instead of using the little 2 1/2" mini charm packs,  I used a single 5" charm pack from my stash--an older autumn line by Deb Strain, which I now have forgotten the name of, and Moda Bella solid in Off-White.

I chose the Dutchman's Puzzle layout for the quilt and loved making these cutemous tiny flying geese in happy fall colors and patterns.

The blocks are 4" finished.  Fun-sized.

 Voila!  Tiny quilt top is done (it's 22" square). I need to dig through my stash for some autumnal backing and binding.
 I see a potential photo bomb about to happen.
It's Remy!! Of course.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Another Year of Schnibbles Year in Review

My parade for this past year is woefully sparse.  I guess fixing up and selling a house and packing and packing and more packing and moving across country and unpacking and unpacking will do that.  I've also been out-and-about exploring New Mexico every chance I've had so that has put quilting by the wayside.  Maybe a better quilting routine will come along this way with autumn arriving soon.  

So without further ado--here is my very small parade, allowing you to run right over and see more at Sherri and Sinta's blogs.   See I am saving you time by not getting my projects done.  How considerate of me ;)
Here was May's quilt called X-Rated (still needs quilting and binding).  

Next up is April's quilt which was a Thimbleblossom's mini pattern.  

I finished mine and use it as a curtain in our itty-bitty half-bathroom.  I call it our submarine bathroom--it's smaller than a small closet--seriously it's tiny.  My fancy-dancy (not) curtain hardware is binder clips and a wooden dowel because we can't put nails in the rental house.  Eh, whatevs. 

Moving on to.....

....wait that's it.  I didn't finish Jersey Girl back in January so that's it for this year.  

C'est la vie.  

I am ready to jump into another year of fun Schnibbles and other small projects.