Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hurling Through December....

December is when the year goes from busy, to hectic, to zooming around at the speed of light and doing 2 million things while trying to be cheerful about it. (it's that whole cheerful thing that's hard isn't it???).

Take a mini-break right now and hop over to Pat's blog and enter her great giveaway. She also has a very funny post. I'll wait here for you.

Back? OK now where were we? Oh yeah, ending the first week of December. On Saturday, Melisa at Sweet Home Quilt Co. had a holiday open house. I went early thinking I would beat the crowds. It was packed!!! Only a Sweet Home sale could get all these Georgia quilters out on a freezing cold morning--me included. I picked up a book called "Jelly Roll Inspirations" and some odds & ends fabric and some sale fabric. Just a wee bit. Visited with a bunch of friends and then I hightailed it home to get some sewing time in.

I did finish this top
called "Hidden Stars" from this book. The fabric is a layer cake from Barbara Brackman's Civil War Homefront line for Moda.

Did I mention it was freezing cold? A lot of places around the country had snow. It was cold enough for snow here in GA this weekend although we didn't get any in the ATL. It was 28F at 6AM this morning when I left for SBux. That is really cold for GA at the beginning of December.

The first big cold snap of the year brings swarms of people to Starbucks for hot chocolate and lattes, and everything else. The first big cold snap also is the start of the "Cats sleeping on the heat vents" season at my house.
Here is Morpheus and Gomez demonstrating why it is freezing inside my house too.

So how is your December so far?


Gari in AL said...

I'm thinking it was cold at your house since there didn't seem to be much open space on those vents.

Cathi said...

I think all cats must be alike. Lester loves to lie on the heating unit and get all the warm air too!

sewprimitive karen said...

Your cats are such characters. No heat for the humans! Don't you love the Civil War Homefront line? Your quilt from it is really nice. I missed the Open House. Was planning to go, but delayed the visit.

Carol said...

Look at those smart kitties! Love your Hidden Stars! Stay warm!

Unknown said...

I know it is cold when Henry moves under the covers at night! At least I have my pillow back.
Love the quilt. It was good to see you at Bad Melisa. I did a little damage! See you Saturday out there

CINDI said...

I like hurling through December. It always seems to start with me right before Thanksgiving and goes till Christmas. I hope not this year, presents purchased, just need to wrap and ship.
Fun to see you on Saturday. Good thing I have this Saturday to look forward to or this could be a very long week.

Barbara Brackman said...

Nice quilt, Gretchen! Thanks for posting the Hidden Stars.