Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Rainy Day Progress

The storm that blew through Santa Fe found it's way to Georgia yesterday and we had a dreary, cold, rainy day.  It was my day off so I stayed in, sewed, and watched Doctor Who.

I decided to work on a quilt I started back in March.  The blocks were done but it needed to be sewn into rows.  The pattern is "Lincoln" from Miss Rosie's book Another Bite of Schnibbles and I'm using Fig Tree's Avalon line.  I need to dig around and find the inner border and rest of the border strips.

I also cut out an entire quilt and started working on another UFO.  Yes, I really enjoyed my day off. It was like a little mini quilt retreat.

In house selling news, I have a contract on the house.  I am optimistic but it's not done until it's done and the keys are turned over so I won't be celebrating until I'm on my way west.  Let's hope it all works out and the closing is set for the beginning of January.

I need to have Mr. SBQ (I'm sure he loooooooves his new name ;) take more photos of the cats for their fans out there in blogland.

Here is a great one of Gomez, Edgar and Stella trying to adjust to the cold sleeping.  This photo shows how looooooong Edgar's whiskers are.

And here is Remy in his box.  Yes, this box traveled all the way from Georgia when we moved because it was his favorite.  You can tell from all the bite marks that this is a multi-purpose sleeping-biting-playing box. He has a little blue blanket and a bunch of toys in there too.  The box is near to the wall heater in the bedroom and according to Mr. SBQ, this is Remy's favorite spot.


Pat said...

Love me some Fig Tree fabrics and Schnibbles patterns! The cats look like they are settling in fine.Mr. SBQ must be a good kitty dad.Positive thoughts on the sale of your house.

dianne said...

i was just over at Spoonflower and saw some Dr. Who fabric (i was looking for calendars - did you know that they have calendar fabric?!?) ... i don't know ANYTHING about Dr. Who, so i don't know if the fabric is way cool...

i love the way you spent your day off - i wasted mine cleaning house ... sigh

Cathi said...

I have my fingers crossed that the sale goes through and you are on your way to be reunited with Mr. SBQ and the kitties really, really soon!
Love the top you got finished. Very, very pretty!

Stitched With Prayer said...

Hi Gretchen! So sorry I haven't commented for a bit, been a bit busy and feeling a bit puny...combination of the two doesn't lead to much time on the computer. Your new quilts are wonderful, so glad your able to do some sewing while waiting on the house. Really happy to hear there is a sale in the works, but sad to hear you won't be home for the holidays, or is doesn't sound like you will. Love the photos of the furry kids. Both pictures cracked me up. All stacked up to stay warm in the colder weather. Then of course there is Remy in his favorite box. Big hugs to you and I do hope you are having a nice Thanksgiving meal maybe with a friend. Of course, like we tell my grandsons that are in the military and get home when they can, we will celebrate the holidays they missed whenever they get home. Today we are cooking just a small turkey breast for the hubs, me and my youngest daughter (mom of the two military boys). Having most of the trimmings too, but we will be cooking a big turkey for everyone sometime in December and enjoying it as a family, with fiances, girlfriends and one of the grandsons best friends who is in the Marine Corp. Air Force, Navy and Marine at the table, all three grew up at our house from babys to adulthood and they can put away some food don't cha know? Wonder if we got a big enough turkey, LOL. Big Hugs, keeping you in my thoughts and prayers sweet friend...Happy Thanksgiving!