Monday, November 25, 2013

It Snowed in Santa Fe without Me

I think we're going to need a snow shovel.
Yesterday, Mr. Stella Bella Quilts texted me this photo of the overnight snowfall in Santa Fe!  They received 6-8" of snow. WOW!

I was so envious because that looks like so much fun....
....for about a day.

Mr. SBQ and the cats were snug as Southwestern bugs in the house. I think Remy stayed curled up in bed all day and just ventured out to the kitchen for food.

Not only do I not have clothes for this kind of weather anymore, my friend Pat reminded me that I'm going to need some BOOTS!

On this side of the south, I finished "Second Hand Clothes."  This was a quick, easy, and big quilt to finish up.  I am enjoying all the floor space in my cleaned-out, minimal-furniture living room.  I did lay out all the blocks and rows so the colors and patterns were evenly distributed throughout the quilt.  There are some less-than-lovely fabrics in this kit in my opinion but I think it all plays well together.  I sewed up the solid red binding and will get the backed pieced this week.

On to the next UFO!


Anonymous said...

Yes you will definitely need boots if it snows that way very often in Santa Fe.
Wish you the best in getting your place sold.

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Your Second Hand Clothes turned out great, Gretchen! I made mine after organizing a swap; hence, I had a LOT of different fabrics and got to pick my own side triangles . . . .

Sarah said...

I'm totally gobsmacking it snows like that in Santa Fe. Obviously a totally clueless Aussie, but I thought Santa Fe =desert= no snow. Clearly I know nothing! Hope you get to sell soon and rejoin your husband and cats.