Monday, July 1, 2013

Sunnyside for an Overcast Day

I'm so excited to start off the month with a completed quilt top! I finished sewing the rows together this afternoon.

The pattern is "Sunnyside" from Pat Wys' book Spotlight on Neutrals: Quilts and More for Any Decor. 

I used my hoarded stash of Denise Schmidt Flea Market Fancy and Hope Valley fabrics with Moda Bella Solid in Zen Gray for the background.

I wish the lighting was better but it's been overcast on and off all day.   The colors are not true in this image and this photo doesn't do justice to the saturated colors of the fabrics.  There is no chance for an outdoor photo today as everything is still damp from the two weeks of a rain-storm-a-day weather. I'll try to get one when S. is home to be Mr. Quilt Holder.

Remy I started planning this quilt back in January and it went together quickly once I decided on the fabrics.  The directions were very thorough and it was easier to piece than it looks.

Here is a detail of the stars. This is a perfect pattern to highlight some of your treasured fabrics that you've been saving for "just the right quilt".  I particularly like the outer setting with the large and small triangles (or as I called it "the mountain range around the edge").

The original quilt in neutrals can be seen on Pat's blog. I think it would also look amazing in batiks.

I thought I would add an outtake of my attempts at trying to photograph this quilt today.
Count them.  Three.  Three cats in the middle of the photo.  From the top: Remy cleaning his toes, Gomez staring off into space and not willing to move an inch, and Stella wandering around back and forth in and out of the frame.  Edgar Poe (the fourth cat) was guarding the sewing machine.  Never a dull moment around here.

Also, we all would like to wish a Happy Canada Day to our fellow quilters and bloggers and quilt-blog kitties to the North.  Hope you have a wonderful holiday!!


Stitched With Prayer said...

Oh my gosh Gretchen! I love this quilt every bit as much as the furry kids do! LOL... It is so bright and cheerful. It's funny, when I started quilting 5 years ago, after my first quilt was finished (took a class on that one, a huge king sized monster) *but I digress* Anyway...that quilt was shades of blues and salmon fabric. After that, I was all about neutrals and traditional fabrics and started my stash around those. Then about two years ago, I just fell in love with all the beautiful bright, happy, fabrics used in quilts with clean white backgrounds and now I have trouble seeing how to use up my traditional fabrics, though I'm sure I'll figure something out, LOL. But back to your is absolutely the best of everything. I really do love it. Hugs to you and you know what to do for all the furry kids for me *wink*... :o)

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...


sunny said...

Love the kitties!

a good yarn said...

Ah pussycats. They have their own agenda don't they? Of course they have to conduct a close inspection of your handiwork! It's a fabulous pattern. I don't particularly like the snowball block but the starry points give it real pizazz. Fantastic fabrics too!

Gari in AL said...

Just the perfect sunshine quilt for those rain-storm-cloudy days we have been sharing with you.