Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rainy Wednesday Photos

The baby quilt top is done! Wish my quilt holder was around so I could fit the whole quilt in the photo but you get the idea.  Also, the light is terrible in my house as it's overcast and pouring down rain. The colors are bright and clear primary colors with apple-green polka dot border.  The quilt is not baby-quilt size; it's 68" x 75".  Big enough for laying out on the floor and making a fort out of when he/she is older.  
The pattern is "Alphablocks Quilt" by American Jane.  This was a fun and easy quilt to make.  I used  Moda solids for the letters & solid blocks.  The letters are machine-appliqued with a small blanket stitch.  I have the binding made and need to hunt around in the stash for backing fabric.  I plan to machine quilt this myself.  Not my favorite thing to do, but I need to hold off on long-arm quilting at the moment.  

What was Remy doing on this rainy Wednesday?  
Napping and planning new quilt projects apparently.  Here he is napping with my friend Pat Wys' book Spotlight on Neutrals.  Wonder what project he has in mind?  I think Remy has been closely following Baxter's lessons on quilt making.  Wonder what project he has in mind?  If you haven't been following Mr. Q.O.'s Baxtertoons on Cathi's blog "Quilt Obsession", you are missing one of those little moments that brighten up your day.  Love Baxtertoons.


Sinta Renee said...

That looks like a sweet book. Your ABC quilt is adorable and sure to be well loved! American Jane is one of my favorites.

Gari in AL said...

What a wonderful quilt: what a lot of applique stitching. Lucky baby.

a good yarn said...

It's exhausting thinking about quilts. I understand why Remy needs to take things easy for a bit. The Alphabet Quilt is fantastic!