Monday, July 15, 2013

A Garden Post

Not much sewing going on here so I thought I'd post some photos from my yard.  We have had an exceptionally wet summer in Atlanta with rain and thunderstorms just about every day.  This is in sharp contrast from the severe drought we had for the past 5 or so years.

My hydrangeas love the rain.

 The Recession Garden: Year Five

The rain has been great for our vegetable garden.  The cucumbers have taken over and are crowding out the green beans. Okra plants are in the back.

We have one bed filled with tomato plants with some basil on the far end.  The tomatoes are doing great and are growing taller than their cages.  I envision lots of salsa and salads in the next week.


Cathi said...

That hydrangea is beautiful!

sunny said...

I love your hydrangea. And isn't it wonderful to have fresh veggies?

a good yarn said...

I do love hydrangeas. I bet those cucumbers will be delicious.