Thursday, March 22, 2012

Remy and his fabric

Digging out from the pollen here in the good ol' ATL.  In case you didn't hear, along with all the record-breaking high temperatures in the country, Atlanta had a record, record-breaking pollen county of 9,369 particles per cubic meter on Tuesday (old record 6,103).  Everyone is miserable with allergies.  People who are really allergic to pollen (like me) are insanely miserable.

For temperature here,  it's been in the 80s all week and who knows what season it's supposed to be but the calendar still says March.  It's been in the mid-80s in Michigan too.   UNHEARD of.  Seriously, this crazy weather makes me really uneasy.  It's just too weird.  No winter and now summer temps in Michigan.  It's just not right.

Anyway on to Remy.

My friend Karin brought a present for Remy to Silver Thimbles club last Saturday.  It was fabric.  Yes, fabric for Remy.  She said that the kitty on the fabric looked like Remy so he needed to have it.  Who is to question that logic?  So I brought it home and gave it to him.

Here's what happened:

"Hmmmm what's this"

"Let's see what's on the back"
"I'm going to practice my fabric folding technique"
"I really need some assistance."
"Oh hey! I have claws.  Who needs thumbs when you have claws."
 "There. One fold done.  Now what? "

 "I'm tired and this sunbeam is too warm and now I'm ready for a nap.  Thank you Ms. Karin. I love my fabric and it's perfect for napping."


Stitched With Prayer said...

Crazy cute post Gretchen!!! Remy has just stolen my heart since the day you first shared him with I have a serious case of the *I want's* for my own kitty, LOL. But, until I can't lock up the doggy doors permanently, no kitty's here. I don't like my cats to get outside regularly, I've lost too many to the cat dangers lurking out there. So...I'll love on my doggie furry babies, who bring lots of love, joy and laughter to my life. As for your weather, we are having the same thing here in Northern Utah. Last year we were shoveling snow until mid May and this year, we are fighting mosquitos out on the deck!!! I don't like this one bit. Of course, here in Utah, we have always had odd weather, that is why it was so sketching when we had the winter Olympics in 2002 and the snow didn't show up as hoped for...thank goodness the ski venues could make their own snow, LOL. Speaking of ski venues...last year several remained open from late Sept of 2010 thru the 4th of July 2011! Go figure. I won't even touch on the allergy issues because you know all about them. Big Hugs all around at your house... :o)

sewprimitive karen said...

Remy is so cute and beautiful!

Karin said...

good to see you, Remy but I need to go to the sewing room. too much work to do. Wild Willie

Carol said...

He is so darn cute! Pollen...YUCK!

*karendianne. said...

Ahh Remy, you have your very own fabric. It's so neat to watch you inspect it, too. You're a real Quilting Cat!

sunny said...

Aw Remy, perhaps you could get Gretchen to stitch up a nice soft cusion with your fabric? Make sure she puts it is a spot that gets a lot of sunlight.

A Quilter Awakens said...

I saw that fabric at Tiny Stitches last week, and didn't get any. I was looking for it all day yesterday, but it was not at the 7 other shops I went to. I will get some someday; it is not like I NEED it. Glad you got some. It is SO YOU! Karmen

Cathi said...

How perfect for Remy to have his very own piece of very special fabric!

Mom2three said...

Remy is cute and so is the fabric! We have a black cat like Remy as well and she loves to get up close and personal when I'm sewing. She doesn't care for other people, but only wants to sleep on the material!