Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Sewing

Because it was another hot, humid weekend, I stayed inside and sewed (well except for Friday night when we had a BIG thunderstorm and lost electricity AGAIN for about an hour or so).

First up was the Civil War Block of the Week.  I've always loved this block--it's called Barbara Frietchie Star--so I picked some of my favorite fabrics to use. 

I decided to start sashing the blocks together in the order that Barbara Brackman has released them.  I had bought some sashing fabric but then decided it didn't work so I dug through my sash until I found ooooooodles of a great purple print.  I was going to use this as borders and backing for another quilt.  I think I have enough to still use for borders and will find a different backing for the other quilt. 

The fabric was designed by Barbara Brackman several years ago for the Conestoga Calico line and I bought oodles of it because it is the Perfect Purple. 

Not too dark, not too light, not too red, not too blue.  Perfectly purplely in every way.

Morpheus, who is Perfectly Purrfect in every way, enjoyed helping me lay out the blocks.
 Here's another view.  I used one of my favorite shirtings for corner squares--it's a slightly grayish off-white with black design and a tiny speck of red to reflect the sashing fabric--subtle yet interesting.

Morpheus is usually not subtle (he likes everyone to know he is around and always has something to say) but he is always interesting and always interested in what I'm doing. 

I also started and finished a project that I was supposed to do before all the house repair craziness.  Carol at Brown Quilts asked if people would help out a friend of hers and make pillowcases for servicemen and servicewomen.  I am more than pleased and honored to help out with this worthy project.  I sewed these up and off they went to Carol this afternoon.  Love and gratitude in fabric form. Perfect. 


sewprimitive karen said...

You're right, that is a great purple. Morpheus is a big talker, right? So is my black cat Jack hoeee he could wake the dead. Haven't done my BB CW yet!

Jayne said...

You are doing a great job with your Civil War blocks! And what is it with cats and quilt blocks laid out on the floor?? Our cat, Gracie, does the exact same thing! She is so ornery! Over the weekend I laid one out over a chair instead of on the floor, thinking she would not bother it; no way. She was sniffing and pawing and laying all over it! Weird cat.

Carol said...

Thanks so much for your pillowcases Gretchen...I'll be watching for them.

Heirlooms by Ashton House said...

The CW quilt blocks are looking great! And I just love any photo with sweet Morpheus in it. What a handsome boy.