Monday, June 20, 2011

Fun Stuff for a Monday

Weekends go by way too fast.  I have too many things I would rather be doing than dragging myself to work for another week.  But of course, work pays the bills so I will muddle through.

Here are some random fun quilty things that will keep me entertained this week. 

Minick & Simpson's Charlevoix fabric.   I have a project in the works with this and I just love this summery wonderful fabric.  It reminds me of Michigan and how much I wish I was there for the summer instead of hot-lanta.

Charlevoix is a resort town on Lake Michigan in northern Michigan.  Michigan is famous for its cherries and the National Cherry Festival is held in northern Michigan in July. 

This fabric also makes me hungry for cherry pie.

I am in LOVE with this pattern by my good friend Pat Wys of Silver Thimble Quilt Co.

Log cabin blocks on point with alternating blocks.  This quilt is stunning in person with a large assortment of scrappy reds, pinks, and creams.  I am planning a different colorway for mine and am pondering whether to start it now or be good and finish some projects I have in the works already. Oh I can't decide!!!!  What do you think??

As if the possibility of starting that quilt wasn't enough, I also have this pile of wonderful new project goodness hanging out and tempting me. Some friends of mine and I do fabric swaps.  It's a great way to make a really scrappy quilt with a large assortment of fabrics.  This is our fourth swap and it's for the Bonnie Blue Quilt pattern called "The Long Road Home."  

Please don't ask to see the quilts from the other three swaps because well...I haven't finished started those yet....

We traded fabrics on Friday at Silver Thimble club. I loved seeing all the different ways we each packaged up the trade.  Look at the cute paper bag with the little fabric tie. Some bags have all the pieces separated into other little bags.  Some of the fabric is folded so you can see all the different fabrics.  My package is on the bottom left. I like to recycle plastic bags--most of my bags were from Fat Quarter Shop purchases.  Hmmm what does that say about me?  LOL!


*karendianne. said...

What does that say about you? It says you have good taste in fabric shopping! :) And gosh I learned something. I didn't know about Clarlevoix in Michigan & the National Cherry Festival. How fun!!! Yummy. Will you bake a pie please? hee!

BTW, great pattern there. Clever with the Log Cabins on point. Stunning and unique.

(ps: OMG the word vfy is sucker - really!)

dianne said...

i keep those bags, too - and the ones from Desperate Quilters cuz they make super project bags ... AND the boxes that FQS uses - the ones with the tabs that fold into the box - someday i'm gonna cover them with pretty paper or fabric and use them as treasure keepers ... oh ... wait ... that will NEVER happen, will it?!? and they are ALREADY treasure keepers, right?!?