Monday, May 9, 2011

Too Many Books and A Funny for Cat People

Hello and happy Monday (happy because it's one day closer to the next weekend...) I don't have anything new sewing-wise to show today.  Yesterday, inspired by Laurie at Crazy Aunt Purl and the fact that my local library was asking for donations for a book sale, I went on a wild tear and sorted through my way-too-many-books book collection.  Being a English literature/history/anthropology/historic architecture/cookbook/general collector-type person, all my book shelves were overflowing into piles on the floor (let's not even start to discuss quilt books OK?). I am happy to report that five, full, paper grocery bags of books went bye-bye out the door to new owners and there are no longer piles of books on the floor (however some shelves remain double-stacked).

Why is it so hard to get rid of books? Does anyone else have this problem?  What are your attachments to books?   I think I still have the university mentality that I'll need some of them for reference again.  Or maybe it's because I spent hard-earned money on them. Or went digging through used-book stores for this book or that book. Or because I love how eclectic collections of books make a house a home. 

Do you think people find personality clues about people from the books on their shelves (thinking "oh how weird" or "well she's well read" or "doesn't she ever dust??!!?" ?

Some books I'll probably keep forever (author-signed books or my absolute favorites), but others I wonder why I keep hauling around from place to place when they are readily available elsewhere (Stephen King, I love you, but I'm talking about the 200 lbs. and endless linear feet your stories take up).

Has anyone gotten rid of physical books and replaced them with e-books yet?  (I really can't imagine this world but probably need to visit every now and then...)

Comment away....I'm really interested.

And now for something completely different....a very funny slideshow for cat people out there courtesy of Slate (via S. who emailed it to me) follow this link to (the tongue-in-cheek) article:

Cats of War: The Pentagon's top-secret feline special-operations program, revealed
PS:  This would be right up Edgar Poe's alley but Stella would beat him paws down in stealth.


Cathi said...

Having received an eBook reader for Christmas, I took the plunge and started going through the bookcases in January. The books were threatening to overtake the entire living room and hallway and, as I was having difficulty holding large books to read, I made a decision. About 10 boxes later, the bookshelves have a semblance of order and look much better. I don't miss the books we took to the second-hand shop at all. I've been able to find the great majority of those of them that I might want to read again in eBook format and am quite happy with my reader. Thanks to it, I was able to read Ken Follett's latest which was not something I'd have been able to hold. In fact, I think I'm reading more now that I have the eBook which is saying something as I've always been an avid reader!
There are books I've kept that I'm not likely to ever give up -- favourites, classics and the like. But when it comes to most fiction, there was no reason to keep lugging those boxes and boxes and boxes of books around with us!

Karin said...

I took my Kindle on the cruise and read 2 books while baking in the sun. and then there is the me more money for fabric! Watched the cat pix. My guys would rather be passive participants

kansaswx said...

10 years ago I decided I had too many books (that hurts to say) and I moved somewhere where the Friends of the Library did not take used ones to resell. So I decided to only read library books. I bought only quilting and cookbooks and the occasional ones I wanted to keep and re-read (e.g. Harry Potter). I got a Kindle for Christmas and though I (1) miss turning the pages and looking at the covers and (2) am spending money on books again, I love, love, love it. I have a long commute and there nothing worse than finishing a book before the commute is over and not having another. Now the next one is right there. It takes a while, but it's worth it.

*karendianne. said...

Great topic! I've given this a lot of thought and it could take up an entire post. I'll try to keep it short.

1. When I walk into your home, I look for books as a clue to your personality.
2. I've made the switch to an eReader but I'll keep most of my books because they reflect who I am and one day they'll be worth something when they stop printing some books.
3. Some of my books wont make it to eReader format.
4. I know some of my books are just bummer books and need to go. They're boxed up but due to #2 I might not be able to let them go.
5. I have this feeling that I might change my habits and decide that I might want to read what I now think is a bummer book. Tastes change.
6. All of this is ridiculous because the books take up fabric stash space. One chick - 1600 sq ft and I'm busting at the seams.

…plus 2 parrots, 2 dogs and 2 cats. It's almost hell. hee. ;)

Brenda said...

I am still a "book" person. I love to hold a book in my hand. I still have some of the books from my childhood. I love to see books in a home, they give it a homey feeling. Also going to the library gives me more money to spend on fabric. I will admit that I am looking at an ipad.

Michele said...

I have an ereader and I like it, but I plan on buying paper copies of books that I think I'm interested in keeping forever. I use the ereader for books that I think I'll read once and be done with.