Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I (heart) BBC 4

I have a new love--BBC 4 radio on-line. How did I ever sew without it? Thanks CMD for the recommendation!!! Last weekend, I spent a lot of time listening to "Open Country" and various political and environmental shows. There was archaeologists--on the radio--historical places--on the radio--discussions of climate change--on the radio--interviews with sheep farmers--on the radio! I am such a nerd.

Now I have something to listen to while I am waiting for new episodes of "The Bugle" podcast. (For the irreverent at heart you can find The Bugle at www.timesonline.co.uk)

PS: I wonder if Amanda and Jane will get a kick out of this post?


Brenda said...

I will have to check that out, sounds interesting.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I'll have to investigate...I always like having "company" when I'm quilting. :o)

Amanda said...

Hooray for Radio 4, I've always been an avid listener. And no advertisements! We're so lucky to have such good radio and television here.