Thursday, May 28, 2009

Anyone have an extra bailout laying around????

OY! Who knew a water heater could be so expensive!!!???!! Especially when you have a old house that doesn't meet the current building code and you need some extra code-compliant plumbing-type stuff. The plumber is coming back tomorrow to install said water heater (which must be made of GOLD!) so no hot water until tomorrow afternoon. Instead of a vacation or new furniture this summer, I am going to hang out in the crawl space and stare at the new water heater. Woo hoo good times!
Good thing the Recession Garden is growing
There are baby plum tomatoes growing and the yellow squash is growing like crazy on the far right side.

I have neglected to post the May block for the Little Quilts Saturday Sampler even though I finished it earlier this month. I am loving this quilt.

I forgot who mentioned it but Gomez Megabux has not appeared on the blog recently. I finished up the latest jelly roll quilt this evening, working around Gomez's nap. I had to wait until kitty dinner time to put the borders on. The quilt is pretty big so I'll need to post a full photo when I have a quilt holder-upper. I have three tops done and one quilt completed from the book Jelly Roll Quilts.
Time to get a new project prepped for sewing. I pulled a couple of kits out of ONE of the UFO boxes and am going to get started cutting out a couple of projects.

Karin and Becky wanted to know what Stella, Edgar and I were reading last night--we are reading The First World War by John Keegan. As you can see from last night's post, the cats are not as much into history as I am.


A Quilter Awakens said...

Gomez Megabux?! That is an adorable, original name. He is glossy black like my Wren Kitten (she is at Sorry about your water heater, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

sewprimitive karen said...

I had to do the Atlanta-water-heater-priced-like-gold thing a few years ago and still am not over it. And what about the toilet requirements? I have three! I can never move, I can't afford the toilets necessary for the title transfer.

Becky said...

Hope that you have hot water! If it makes you feel better, ALL the houses in our neighborhood are getting new roofs because of hail damage. Our insurance company said we didn't have damage, but houses on both side do. GRRRRR!