Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tag and I'm it #2

Michelle tagged me earlier in the week and I have been remiss in posting the tag. You are supposed to reveal 10 honest things about yourself that you haven't blogged about and list 5 addictions. Then tag 5 friends.
10 honest things:
1. I love collecting stuff--green Depression glass, Jadite, dog bookends, antique kitchen stuff, anything with black cats, other antique-y and vintage stuff.
2. Because I love collecting stuff, my little house is rather cluttered and I think I may have enough stuff for now.
3. I used to do lots of house repairs and yardwork before I started working 2 jobs (that's 7 years ago) and I really miss having time to do that.
4. I subscribe to "Bark" magazine even though I don't have a dog because I love dogs and wish I had the time to have one again.
5. I never liked oatmeal until I tried Starbucks Perfect Oatmeal with brown sugar, nuts, and dried fruit and now I make my own "Perfect" oatmeal at home all the time, often for dinner.
6. I hate being late for anything and try to be at least 10 minutes early to appointments, etc.
7. I enjoy taking naps on the weekends, preferably around 4 PM on the couch with a cat or two or four.
8. I had platinum blonde hair in high school and most of college (it's now auburn also not it's natural color LOL!)
9. I won an award in the Detroit Science Fair for an experiment with sound waves.
10. I still haven't decided what I want to be when I grow up.
5 Addictions:
1. quilting
2. coffee
3. reading and posting blogs
4. books
5. desserts
Whew that was hard. OK I am tagging:


mamaspark said...

It was good learning new "stuff" about you. Thanks for sharing! When did you live in the Detroit area?

Susan said...

I really enjoyed reading the list of things about you. I knew that you had several cats and loved them, but I didn't know you were a dog fan, too.