Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hooray for Fall!

A wonderful fall day here in the ATL. I LOVE fall. It's my favorite season and October is my favorite month (it's my birthday month--more on that in a later post--stay tuned). According to the weather report, it's supposed to be in the upper 40s tonight--time to break out some more quilts woo hoo!

I have been super busy with the Day Job. It's our busy season with lots of Big Events, Big Meetings, and generally too much stuff to do. Tomorrow I have a Big Event, but my speech is written, my powerpoint is together, and I think I know what I'm wearing--I'm set.

As y'all may know, A-T-L has been O-U-T of gasoline. I have conserved and lucked out by finding gas after working at SBux at midnight so it's been OK for me. A couple more weeks of spotty supplies but supposedly the situation is getting better. In a city where mass transit is nonexistent to impossibly inconvenient for someone who works two jobs, it's been an adventure. I even had to tell Melisa to hold some charm packs for me until I was sure making an extra trip to Sweet Home would be OK. Not being able to pick up charm packs would be a minor crisis (not really) in ordinary times--except it hasn't really been a normal time these past couple of weeks now has it???!!???

Which leads me to admit, nay pronounce, that I have been watching WAY too much TV (msnbc-cnn-jon stewart-stephen colbert-keith olbermann-bill maher-rachel maddow and repeat). Remember when news stories used to be about misbehaving celebrities--all seems pretty silly compared to the implosion of our financial firms doesn't it?

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scraphappy said...

I understand your angst. We haven't felt any direct impact from the financial issues yet, but I keep waiting for the metaphorical other shoe to drop. I am a worrier, especially in times of stress I can't seem to turn off the news cycle. Good luck with the gas -- surely they will have it all figured out soon enough.