Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Blogging from the plains

Hello from Tulsa, Oklahoma!!! All together now "Oklahoma where the wind comes whipping down the plain... "(that's all the lyrics I know so you are on your own for the rest...) I am here for a two-day workshop for my day job. I gave a presentation today that went really well so I'm glad that is over and now it's just workshopping. Hooray for wireless internet because I have no way to get to any quilt shops for quilt shopping so I am catching up on blogs and friends and emails.

While surfing blogs, I found a Halloween Giveaway so go here and check it out! But don't enter cause I want to win this mystery prize from Pumpkin Patch Primitives Quilt Shoppe hee hee! Her shop is full of Fall goodies so check that out too.

On the homefront, Morpheus is doing well and is out of his cape since I am not there to supervise and make sure the other cats aren't making fun of him too much. S. is taking good care of him but I am anxious to get back. Morph and I thank you for all your comments and well wishes. He usually "helps" me blog by hanging out in my lap or pawing at the cursor on the screen.


Karin said...

You win the giveaway because I can't figure how to get on it!!! I am so techno challenged. "and the waving wheat smells so sweet when the wind comes whipping down the plain".. I can't remember the important stuff but give me obscure stuff and I am good to go! Safe trip home..talk to you soon..glad M is getting better

laurie said...

what is your day job? i only know starbucks?