Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Baking with Bella

Not really. While I was baking, Stella Bella was doing this
(this is a favorite cat lounging spot)

We are having a potluck lunch at my Day Job tomorrow so I am bringing dessert. Let's bake some cookies.

Get out the trusty Kitchen Aid and the oh-so-trendy-and-retro orange Tupperware measuring cups (these may be as old as I am, I'll have to check with Mom)
Of course along with butter and brown sugar, eggs, and flour, these cookies are good for you because they have whole grains See oatmeal = good for you, breakfast even. On to the next step,
let's just skip on by the chocolate chips and sweetened condensed milk and focus on the whole grains ok?

and pecans--these are good for you too. Yum glossy melted chocolate let's not think about hot fudge sundaes and focus on finishing cookies. We need to put some dough into a pan, top with chocolate, and finish with some more dough.
Pop in the oven. Bake.
And here they are. Now where's a glass of milk...


Karin said...

A qultress and a gourmet cook as well..and you can multitask. When krissy was over at my house, she noted that the kitchen counters were clean and then she said, "Oh right Mom, I forgot-you don't cook anymore!"

Carol said...

What yummy treats...why yes, those are very healthy...whole grains and nuts...they could be breakfast bars...glass of milk, all bases covered...LOL! Stella is darling!